28 January 2020
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24. February 2019
We are very happy in view of another successful, many-sided and felicitous business year. We are equally pleased by the trustful collaboration with our standing customers as with the establishment of new customer relations. The demand for the newly offered services in the quality area developed well and with this, enriched our diversified activity.

Towards the end of 2018, we had to familiarize oneself with the changes related to the revision of the therapeutic products act and the revised ordinances that came into force beginning of 2019. It may take some time until all the aspects of the practical interpretation are known. Which means nothing else than an exciting, informative and interesting 2019. We are looking forward to that, together with our customers.
19. January 2018
Once again we completed an interesting, varied and successful business year. With a lot of pleasure and dedication, we continued the trustful collaboration with our steady costumers and in addition, we benefited from the collaboration with new costumers. The eCTD training that was performed for the first time in 2017 received a positive response from the participants. Thereby, we focused on the optimal coordination of the training content with the participant's requirements.

As of 2018, we'll newly provide also services in the quality area. Due to our profound experience (inclusive ongoing "Responsible Person" mandate, establishment of quality management system, inspections etc.) and continuing education in the quality field, we decided to include this in our catalogue of services. Characteristic for PHARCONS, the needs of our customers have the highest priority, whether an SOP establishment/revision, inspection or CAPA support, "Responsible Person" mandate or other services according to individual requirements are needed.
7. March 2017
The business year 2016 was also very successful. We are especially pleased that we were able to make business both with existing clients as well as with new ones. Furthermore we were able to gain experience in areas as homeopathic medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and other topics as for example ElViS and attainment of establishment licenses. Yes, this is what makes the collaboration with our clients rejoice, in 2017 as well.
19. January 2016
With pleasure, we look back on the first, successful business year. We thank all our customers for their trust & the good cooperation and we are looking forward to continuing it in 2016.
15. February 2015
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